Mark Ridley-Thomas' federal corruption trial

Prosecutors’ opposition: Prosecutors say 'fulsome' evidence supports Mark Ridley-Thomas' USC bribery convictions

Motion for new trial: Los Angeles politician Mark Ridley-Thomas seeks new trial in USC bribery conspiracy

Jury interview: April 6: Inside the jury deliberations that ended in seven felony convictions for Mark Ridley-Thomas

Verdict: March 30: Jury convicts Mark Ridley-Thomas of bribery, conspiracy in federal corruption trial

Deliberations: March 30: Jury asks about final 15 counts of Mark Ridley-Thomas' 19-count USC bribery indictment

Deliberations: March 29: 'Does unlawful mean illegal?' Jurors in city councilman's USC bribery trial mull instructions

Analysis: March 28: Why didn't ex-USC Dean Marilyn Flynn testify in Los Angeles politico Mark Ridley-Thomas' trial?

Rebuttal: March 26: Jury hears prosecutor's final account of Mark Ridley-Thomas' evolving USC bribery scheme

Closing arguments: March 23: Defense says USC’s 'VIP' treatment made scholarship for Mark Ridley-Thomas' son 'business as usual'

Defense witnesses: March 22: Defense rests in suspended L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas' federal corruption trial

FBI Special Agent Brian Adkins: March 20: More from the FBI agent's testimony in L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas' criminal trial

MRT and Ralph Frammolino emails, USC whistleblower Michele Clark, USC employee Adriana Gonzalez: March 18: Prosecutors rest their public corruption case against L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas

Voir dire, evidentiary hearing: (I missed the first three trial days) March 8: primer on suspended Los Angeles City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas' bribery trial